Our solution provides a turnkey service for your PPE Disposal Needs.

More box sizes coming soon! For custom inquiries, please contact us.
PPE Waste to Energy Mailback Box - 7 Gallon

7 Gallon Disposable Corrugated Cardboard Waste to Energy Box

Width: 12 x 12 inches
Height: 12 inches

Each Order Contains

  • 1 Box
  • 1 Interior Liner
  • 4 Labels to hold the Liner in place
  • 1 prepaid return label affixed to your box
  • Processing and disposal of your materials

What You Can Put in the Box

Use this Waste to Energy Box to dispose of PPE masks, wipes, and latex gloves.

DO NOT send in other types of protective gear like hair nets, earplugs, lab coats, or garments.

DO NOT send in medical waste. This includes material contaminated with blood or bodily fluids that originate from health care facilities, hospitals, physicians' offices, dental offices, blood banks, veterinary clinics, research laboratories, etc.

How it Works

  • Order Your Kit - Follow instructions on the box on how to set up your Waste to Energy Box
  • Collect Accepted Items - Masks, Gloves, and Wipes ONLY
  • Ship Back - When full, fold the top flaps together and seal with packaging tape
  • Reorder
For bulk orders, over 50, please call us at (716) 402-1450.