About Us

A sustainable recycling solution built from professionals with decades of environmental experience.

Mailthisback.com is a service company that helps manufacturing and technology companies recycle and reuse products. Our focus is to find reuse and recycling solutions for products and develop partnerships with manufactures to help grow your business by offering a recycling solution.

We are not your typical recycling company. We do not specialize in one solution or tactic that is blindly applied to every client. Instead, we partner with our clients to provide customized solutions to help your company gain a competitive edge in your industry. Our goal is to offer a recycling service that will complement the sale of your products to your customers.

We have combined decades of environmental experience in companies large and small and are keenly focused on product stewardship initiatives. We are hands-on, working closely with you, your team and your customers to transform your service offering.

Mailthisback.com offers a unique and tailored approach to each and every customer and will demonstrate results through customized reports. The detailed reports collect data for sustainability programs, sales, marketing and customer incentives. Our service is streamlined to offer value to multiple departments with-in any organization and easily manipulated to fit your needs.